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International freight forwarder in Jakarta, Indonesia

Well-established and reliable, Nesia Shipping has become one of the front runner in the international freight forwarding industry in Indonesia. Established in 2003, our professionalism has garnered the trust and support of clients from various industries to meet their freight forwarding needs and requirements

As professionals, meeting the expectations of our clients are our top priority. We endeavor towards ensuring they stan to benefit economically and achieve their sustainability goals. Our wide range of international freight forwarding solutions cater to companies and industries of all types and sizes, and we assure professional and friendly services at all times.

Specialized in providing custom and bespoke solutions, we are capable of providing smooth customs clearance, and the timely delivery of your cargo. Our full range of freight forwarding services include air freight, sea freight, multi-modal freight, express shipment and door-to-door services. Each client is assigned a dedicated and experienced personnel, solely responsible to provide real-time updates and swift response to potential issues.

Due to our global presence, our world-class team comprises of resourceful freight forwarders, are always a step ahead to provide the best services to our clients. Proficient in major languages, such as English, Bahasa, French, they are further supported by our global team of reliable and responsive shipping agents, adept with the customs clearance and import/export procedures.

Shipping and transportation in Indonesia: How to choose the best freight forwarder?

How to get in touch with best freight forwarder company that offers shipping and removal services between Indonesia and the rest of the world. Nesia shipping was created three years ago by skillful professionals. The profound knowledge of both Asia and Europe was essential to the establishment of NESIA Shipping company, which has gone on to become one of the top freight forwarders in Asia. Today, the company provides shipping services for professionals and particulars. According to customer needs and expectations, our teams deliver tailor made services for all kinds of requests.

The wide range of shipping solutions developed by the company can be adapted to all needs. For individual requests (shipment of personal effects for instance), all necessary services are provided. Custom agents take care of all administrative requests (customs clearance, handling operations etc.) and all ancillary services are also included. For example, packing is one other service covered by the teams. Throughout each of these services, competent and reliable professionals take care of your personal effects.

Regarding professional needs (SMEs or other), the range of services developed by NESIA Shipping can also be adapted to all sorts of requests. NESIA Shipping teams are determined to establish long term relationships with their partners and, as such, advisors in charge are comprehensive of your professional and business demands. These advisors support customers in each step of the shipping process in order to ensure smooth proceedings. As international shipping is a major competitive challenge for many companies, NESIA teams accompany customers all throughout their projects.

Profiting from a very large business network in the world, the most appropriate shipping solutions are delivered to customers at a very competitive price. Door to door services are developed at attractive prices in order to reach ultimate customer satisfaction. The teams in charge of managing your shipments ensure a controlled and monitored flow of traffic throughout all service deliveries. Moreover, one dedicated advisor will assist you throughout all shipping processes and give you the opportunity to track your shipment in real time.

Furthermore, multiculturalism is a strong component of this company. This international outlook cultivated by NESIA Shipping ensures smooth communication with worldwide customers. Multilingual employees are available to understand customer needs and expectations in many different languages (English, Bahasa, French, Chinese, Arabic etc.)

According to customer requests, dedicated advisors will offer appropriate and viable solutions. As customer satisfaction is one of the companies’ highest priorities, the dedicated advisor is always available to answer all questions and provide assistance until the final delivery.

Beyond this ongoing assistance, the advisor can also support and advise customers in purchase negotiations. Indeed, Indonesia attracts many international investors. With that in perspective, devoted advisors can introduce you to your local suppliers and support you until final negotiations. This additional service provides you with the opportunity to save time and money on your prospective trip

This whole range of services, from networking with suppliers to final delivery, represents one of the company’s main strengths. The personal accompaniment proposed by NESIA Shipping makes it a serious and professional partner that will assist you in all your professional projects.

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Who are we ?

NESIA Shipping is one of the most famous freight forwarders in Indonesia. The company offers shipping and removal solutions to particulars and professionals, between Indonesia and all countries in the world. The company was created a few years ago by highly skilled and passionate entrepreneurs. Today, it carries an excellent reputation in South East Asia. Whatever your needs, tailor made and cost-effective shipping solutions will be offered to you.

The large range of services can be adapted to all demands. Regarding individual requests, a dedicated agent will support and assist you during the whole shipping process. All necessary steps are supervised by the agent to ensure a smooth shipping of personal effects. These steps include: pick up of your goods, packing, custom clearance, final delivery etc. Each one of these steps are managed by skilled and reliable professionals to ensure the preservation of transport goods in pristine conditions.

For professionals (SMEs and others), the wide range of services developed by the company can satisfy any request. Advisors in charge of shipping are very understanding of your company’s business issues. This awareness of economic matters will enable advisors to provide relevant solutions that are in line with your needs, expectations and business model. Each step of shipping is fully managed by your personalized consultant who provides you with all necessary information, in real time, for a better tracking. Shipping is a key factor of success for many companies, and so NESIA teams ensure high-quality services for all your cases.

The wide international business network cultivated by NESIA throughout the years allows for the provision of cost-effective and high-quality services for all cases. Whatever starting point and final destination, it can deliver services from/toward any country in the world. Turnkey services are proposed to assist you through all shipping processes. These services remove customers from any responsibility, and ensure full care of shipping in order to attain high customer satisfaction. From the pickup of goods to final delivery, all steps are managed by advisors who can give you tracking information in real time.

One other strength is the multicultural component cultivated by the company which ensures fluent and clear communication with customers from other countries. Multilingual advisors are available to understand your needs and answer your questions in the language of your choice (Bahasa; English; French; Spanish; Chinese or Arabic.) The assistance provided by advisors takes effect from the pickup of goods to final delivery.

In addition, advisors can further help and guide you in your purchasing decisions. Nowadays, Indonesia attracts many international companies. This fad is explained by many factors that include the economic growth and business opportunities generated by the local economy. In order to aid investors, advisors in charge can introduce you to local companies and suppliers. Moreover, they can help you in negotiations, and to attain the best prices under favorable terms.

All these services developed by the company are very important differentiating factors. The personal assistance is a key factor of success which will enable you to enjoy full support during your international projects. For successful business cases, contact NESIA Shipping, your reliable partner.

Freight and custom broker in Indonesia

NESIA Shipping distinguishes itself as one of the most recognized freight forwarder companies in Indonesia. Services proposed are aimed at individuals and professionals and can be operated between Indonesia and any country in the world. The company was founded three years ago by devoted and passionate entrepreneurs.

All quotation requests are carefully reviewed and the most suitable shipping solutions are offered. Indeed, according to your requests, adapted shipping solutions are proposed at the best possible price. For individuals that intend to send personal effects to/from Indonesia, a wide range of services are developed to satisfy all expectations. A dedicated agent will listen to your needs and assist you during all shipping processes.

For companies, a wide range of services are available to satisfy all needs. Advisors have a clear understanding of your business challenges in all economic sectors. This understanding of business matters allows the advisors to provide tailor made and perfectly adapted shipping solutions at unbeatable prices. All services are adapted to your business model and are in line with your expectations. Furthermore, all cases are supervised by dedicated advisors who are there to provide you with real time tracking information. We recognizes the importance of transport for many companies that run international business activities, your personal advisor will deliver high quality services at very competitive prices.

These quality services can be partially attributed to the network cultivated by the company over the years. NESIA Shipping provides shipping services between countries of your choice. For full assistance, “all-in” services are proposed to relieve you from any responsibilities throughout the shipping process. This full package service includes the pickup of goods, packing, customs, freight and delivery. Each step is fully managed by an advisor who can communicate, in real time, all necessary and required information.

In addition, the company stands out for its multicultural dimension. This distinction is highly appreciated by international customers who benefit from the clear communication with multilingual advisors who can answer your questions in your language of choice (French; Bahasa, Chinese, German, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin.)

Moreover, these personal advisors can assist you in further steps. Indeed, for your purchases in Indonesia, they can put you in contact with notorious local and reliable suppliers. The country is attracting increasing numbers of international investors who want to benefit from regional economic growth. In order to assist them in their projects, your consultant offers you the opportunity to be linked to local companies. In addition, advisors can assist you in all phases of negotiation in order to obtain ideal prices and favorable contract terms.

These services are developed to ensure customer satisfaction and assistance for any business endeavor in Indonesia. This is one of the key factors of success for NESIA as it prioritizes customer service and satisfaction. For your prospective business in Asia contact NESIA Shipping, your reliable and professional partner in Indonesia.

Our diverse range of clientele includes corporations, trading firms, industrial companies, retailers, small and medium businesses and many more.

We are happy to provide a quotation for our services and we invite new or seasoned exporters, of all sizes, to get in touch with us soon. Our fresh and proactive approach comes with a service like no other.