Customs Indonesia

Customs Clearance can be quite troublesome especially for those who are not familiar with the requirements and processes involved. As a result, the entire process becomes complicated, tedious and may lead to delays and/or additional costs.


Over at Nesia Shipping, we focus on offering an unparalleled Custom Clearance Service to minimize the occurrence or severity of potential issues with the authorities. Our speciality lies in ensuring the safe and smooth delivery of all cargo items, regardless whether they come from Indonesia or other parts of the world.


Due to our extensive experience in dealing with the customs in many countries throughout the world, we are well-versed with the rules and regulations of most countries. Our highly professional and trusted export agents are strategically located globally, rendering their support every step of the way. Apart from establishing close working relationships with relevant authorities, they are kept abreast of changing requirements and developments of each country. All of these efforts contribute to smooth custom clearances.


Customs authorities in general do not take lightly when it comes to false, or incorrect paperwork, even if it is unintentional. Leave it to us, the professionals, to ensure your documentation are in perfect order.


With regards to our Customs Clearance service, clients can opt for this service on its own or as part of our full range of freight forwarding solutions. Our full range include freight forwarding by air, sea, air and sea, express delivery, door-to-door delivery and a comprehensive packaging service. Our business operations are handled by a team of knowledgeable and resourceful staff, fluent in English, French, and of course Bahasa, who are ever ready to render their support and assistance to our clients.


In the event that your cargo is held up at the customs and you are unable to address the situation, contact us immediately for a quote and we will get back to you with a suitable solution in less than 48 hours. Another way to facilitate the quotation process is to submit your request via the form on the Contact Us page.