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Door to door

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Door-to-Door Indonesia

Armed with the vision to be the leading air freight forwarder in Indonesia, Nesia Shipping introduced Door-to-Door Delivery to its comprehensive range of air, sea, air-sea and express shipment freight forwarding services. The Door-to-Door service is our unique take in providing end-to-end personalized freight forwarding services to ensure hassle-free and seamless experience to our clients.


Over at Nesia Shipping, we understand the need to take responsibility and be held accountable for the delivery of your cargo. With our Door-to-Door Delivery, you can set your mind at ease and let us use our years of experience and knowledge to deliver your cargo . Whether you are transporting a large or small package, we give you our word that your cargo will arrive safely, securely and on time to any destination throughout the world.


Our Door-to-Door Delivery service specialize in providing complete management of your cargo and freight forwarding processes. We begin with picking-up your cargo from your doorstep, to preparing and submitting the necessary paperwork. The process is followed by packing your cargo accordingly and ensuring smooth and swift customs clearances between international ports and terminals until it reaches the intended destination.


With the support and cooperation of experts in the field of regional and international freight forwarders and export agents, we are committed to provide excellent and exceptional service to our clients each and every time. Dependable and professional, we take seriously the overall experience of our clients and it is our mission to ensure all of those involved can provide the best possible experience there is.

Our highly trained and well-rounded staff are fluent in major languages such as English, Bahasa, French, allowing smooth flow of communication at all times. Their friendly, warm, with excellent attention to details attitude further eliminates the communication barriers. Big or small, we accept and conduct the shipment of cargo of all sizes and small and medium sized businesses stand to gain more as we have designed special rates and packages for them.


Regardless of your freight needs and requirements, we assure you that we are able to offer a bespoke solution. Take advantage of our excellent working relations with major air and sea freight carriers and we welcome you to find out more about our extensive range of international shipping options going at competitive rates.