Packing services Indonesia

As a leading and well-established international freight forwarder, we understand the importance of providing prompt and secure cargo delivery services to any location in the world. Our professional Packing Service is an integral part of our comprehensive freight forwarding solutions and are offered at affordable rates owing to the low labor charges and warehouse facility rental fees in Indonesia. At Nesia Shipping, we pride ourselves as experts in this field and our team are fully equipped with the skills and expertise to ensure your cargo remains well-protected against all risks that can lead to physical loss or damages during shipment.

With a warehouse facility based in Indonesia that is specially designed for maximum efficiency and minimum operating costs, our team of expert consultants provide solid advice on the best possible solution to suit the needs of each individual client. As a full service logistics provider with business operations all over the world, we provide innovative packing and crating solutions ranging from simple boxes, bubble-wrap, metal cases, wooden crates, wrapped boxes, wooden pallets and boxes with strapping. In addition, we offer custom solutions for other types of cargo.

All our packers are well-trained and knowledgeable in providing reliable packing and crating methods and materials. They can efficiently pack and secure the shipment of your cargo, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition.

Our multilingual staff, with the ability to communicate effectively in English, French, Bahasa, are committed to bring the best experience to our clients. Owing to their knowledge and experience, they will ensure the smooth transition and monitoring of your distribution needs.

Fully insured, with first-class international cargo coverage, our cooperation with regional and international freight carriers has enabled us to conduct transfers throughout the world. Our services, which comply with international carrier standards, are offered at affordable rates. Special rates are provided for small and medium sized businesses.