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Sea Freight

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Sea Freight Indonesia

Due to its affordability, sea freight remains to be the most preferred choice of international cargo handling, particularly for large and/or heavy shipment. Each day, hundreds of thousands tonnes of cargo are transported by sea.

As one of Indonesia’s well-established and experienced sea freight forwarder company, Nesia Shipping has a long-standing reputation in providing reliable and affordable sea freight services to any country in the world. Our complete range of services include providing customized and cost-effective sea freight solutions for various industries Рlarge or small. For the benefit of those running small and medium market businesses, we have prepared special rates to assist them in managing their international shipping costs.

Our diverse team of sea freight experts are well-versed in managing the smooth delivery flow of international shipments of all shapes and sizes. They ensure your cargo arrive safely at their destinations, in pristine condition, on time, every time. Expect guaranteed and unparalleled sea freight services being offered at competitive and reasonable rates.

Operating alongside major shipping liners – MSC, Maersk and many others, we are confident in our ability to deliver regular, timely and secure cargo shipments anywhere in the world. Our sea freight shipment can be made as full containers or as part of a consolidated load for cargo below 15 cubic meters, and the size or our containers range from 32, 64 to 71 cubic meters. As an added-value service, we provide a dedicated team to assist you, our clients, in identifying suitable sea freight solutions.

When it comes to your cargo, we make it our utmost priority to provide end-to-end services and our full range of sea freight services go beyond providing the standard packaging service. To accommodate to your needs, we offer high quality and customized packaging services to further enhance the safety and security of your cargo. Clients can also set their mind at ease as our global team of export agents are well-experienced with customs clearance procedures.

Whether you are an English, French or Bahasa speaker, we have the right personnel to cater to your every needs as well as to keep you abreast of the whereabouts of your cargo. All our services are fully insured and comply to the international standards related to sea freight cargo.